Low-Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition (LPCVD) System

Low-Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition (LPCVD) System is a new system developed by Huayuan to meet the semiconductor device and processing requirements. The System employs Huayuan’s special controller as the core of information processing and resorts to advanced network technology as well as control technology, aiming at reaching the world’s advanced industrial level.

After a pilot upgrade, performance and reliability of the System reaches the highest level for a control system in the industry and pioneers the domestic market. Currently, the System has been put into use in Leshan, producing quality products with excellent indicators which, compared with those of other counterparts in the domestic market, reflect the stability and reliability of the system and its advanced standards.

         1. The adoption of Huayuan’s Controller in the communications has greatly enhanced the speed and reliability of the System.

         2. The System conducts data exchange by means of communications with each device, which not only improves its speed, but also enhances its accuracy, thus exhibiting strong anti-interference ability.

         3. The system employs PLC for I/O and interlocking, which brings PLC advantages into full play, thus increasing the system’s reliability.

         4. The operation of Host Computer, whether it is formula editing or monitoring, is very simple, intuitive and convenient. The configurations involved can be very flexible, making it easy to train workers in the employment.

         5. The touch screen of the System contains more information which allows for easy troubleshooting.

         6. The Host Computer and touch screen are basic redundant settings, so production control can be operated in any of these two devices. Failure in either of them won’t affect the current production.



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