Dev. of Control System

Control systems are developed based on a universal control system structure composed of HMI+PLC+Huayuan Controller. This structure results in highly reliable hardware system with excellent performance, which facilitates rapid software development.



HMI (Formula Editor, Save Formula, Current Formula Execution, Production Data, Event Log, Display Real-Time Data and Time) (soft command and display).
The powerful DSP-based Huayuan controller is the core of the whole control system with a control cycle scaled to millisecond. Advanced control algorithms are all carried out in Huayuan controller, while the interface is compatible with various protocols such as RS232/485, Modbus RTU / ASCII and CanOpen, and it also supports analog input / output and high-speed counter.
The control system can be linked directly to the upper level of monitoring and management system via HMI or PLC network interface, to realize production monitoring, data analysis and processing, as well as remote fault diagnosis.
Also, the control system can share and transfer files by activating its FTP function, or update the program and copy in/out files by connecting to a U disk.


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