EMAG (China) laid the foundation stone of high-end CNC machine tools project

On December 1, 2011, EMAG (China) Machinery Co. Ltd. officially laid the foundation stone for the first phase of its high-end CNC machine tools project in Jintan Economic Development Zone. The project has been listed as one of Changzhou’s transformational innovation “510” Plan of Action industrial projects. Upon its completion, the project is expected to produce 3,000 high-end CNC machine tools and related components, with annual sales of over 10 billion yuan, and become a famous high-end equipment manufacturing base both at home and abroad.
The foundation stone-laying ceremony was attended by more than 300 company employees and executives, members from Jintan Entrepreneurs Association as well as department leaders from the province and Changzhou Development and Reform Commission, and department of economic and information, department of commerce, department of environmental protection, department of science and technology and fiscal and financial departments. Li Yunfeng, member of the Standing Committee of CPC, Jiangsu provincial Committee and Executive Vice Governor, Xu Li, Deputy Secretary General of the provincial government, Norbert Hesbruggen, president of EMAG Group, Xia Ming, director of the Bureau of Land and Resources, Mao Juncai, president of China Development Bank Jiangsu Branch, as well as Changzhou city leaders including Fan Yanqing, Yao Xiaodong, Han Jiuyun and Jintan city leaders including Fang Guoqiang and Ding Rongyu were also present on the ceremony.


Fan Xueping, the company president, gave the welcome speech, briefing the guests on the EMAG Group and Jinsheng Group. In 2010, Jinsheng invested 100 million euros to acquire 50% share of the EMAG Group, setting a record for the biggest single overseas acquisition of shares among private enterprises in Jiangsu Province. As agreed in the strategic cooperation plan, both sides would jointly set up EMAG (China) Machinery Co. Ltd. with a registered capital of 60 million euros, aiming to build a manufacturing center to serve the Asia-Pacific market.
The total investment in the Jinsheng-EMAG project amounts to 4.9 billion yuan, of which the first phase accounts for 3.08 billion yuan, covering a construction area of 190,000 square meters. During the first phase, priority would be given to the introduction of the Germany EMAG’s full set of technology and production equipment, and meanwhile contemplating the implementation of high-precision gears and high speed train wheelset system for the second phase. After the project is put to production, it is expected to realize total sales of over 10 billion yuan within five years with profits exceeding 1.5 billion yuan.
Li Yunfeng announced the official start of the construction of the project. He pointed out that, high-end equipment manufacturing is one of the seven new emerging industries listed in the state support program. In the next five years, Jiangsu shall unswervingly promote structural adjustment and innovation, developing strategic emerging industries, making breakthrough in key core technologies, and fostering a group of leading innovative enterprises to compete internationally, and pioneer the industrial development. Jinsheng-EMAG cooperation is a model to optimize the industrial structure, advance the level and open up new opportunities, which will bring fresh blood to boost the development of high-end equipment manufacturing in Jiangsu.
Fan Yanqing, secretary of Changzhou Municipal Party Committee, said in his speech that, Jinsheng-EMAG coalition reflects the strategic vision of both sides. The machine tool industry is the foundation equipment industry in the national economy, where the high-end CNC machine tools manufacturing is the top priority of national development and equipment manufacturing industry. The high-end CNC machine tools manufacturing is of significance to foster new industries, transform traditional industries, extend the industrial chain, and enhance the industrial level. In addition, the EMAG project plays an important role in further optimizing the regional industrial structure and promoting local economic development. Fan hoped that the two partners should use the project as a starting point and give full play to each other’s advantages in science and technology, human resources, capital, and brand. The partners should continue to occupy the highest position in the product, technology, and economic efficiency across the domestic and international markets. They shall create and maintain the highest standards of technical processing, innovation, quality and talent team among the same industry at home and even abroad, and make greater contribution to the development of Changzhou equipment manufacturing into high-end, informational, and agglomeration type of industry. Departments at all levels should focus on the project, and further enhance service awareness, extend the field of services and enhance service efficiency. Make sure that the project is put into operation as soon as possible and yield results as early as possible.
Fang Guoqiang, secretary of Jintan Municipal Party Committee, said that, the first phase of the EMAG (China) Machinery Co. Ltd’s high-end CNC machine tools project is not only a major achievement as a result of speeding up transformation and upgrading and nurturing strategic emerging industries, but also an important symbol signifying Jinsheng Group’s commitment to constant innovation and becoming bigger and stronger. He expressed the hope that Jinsheng Group can use the construction as an opportunity and targets at becoming the top international high-end equipment manufacturer with high-quality construction, high standards of management and high-speed development. The Group should aim at building the world’s most advanced high-end CNC machine tools project that leads the domestic and Asia-Pacific markets. It should speed up its process of creating billions of business value and become a century-long enterprise so as to contribute to enhancing the level of high-end equipment manufacturing industry in Jintan and Changzhou, Jiangsu Province and even the whole country. The municipal government shall at all times help the industry with its problems and provide with assistance and encouragement. It shall also, with its high quality, efficient and considerate service, dedicate itself to the smooth progress of the project as well as its completion and putting into production.
The Germany EMAG Group is Europe’s third-largest high-end CNC machine tools manufacturer. It has a history of 140 years and is a global leader in inverted pendulum type vehicle processing, multi-spindle 5-axis machining, large-diameter high-precision crankshaft grinders and other products. A total of 60 % of its products serve Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche and other well-known car manufacturers. In addition, the group owns over 200 international patents. Group President Mr. Hans said that it has been a great honor to attend the opening ceremony of the Jinsheng-EMAG Industrial Park, and he considers Jintan a field of hope and Mr. Pan Xueping the closest partner. He believed that both sides in cooperation would create a huge market and would more likely to gain support from the Chinese Government and other circles.

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